About Us

Our story began in 2017 when we started providing food supply chain related consulting services to chain restaurateurs and foodservice distributors in China. We helped them gain strategic insights through data and empowered them to succeed with pragmatic and powerful solutions. 


In 2018, we launched China’s 1st B2B media that focuses on the food supply chain industry. We have acquired over 1100 industrial decision-makers on the platform since then.


In 2019, we opened our first overseas office in San Francisco to be closer to global resources, experts, and business partners. Today, we are not only active participants in the ongoing food supply chain revolution in China but also the catalyst of nascent cross-border alliances. 

Alazán Services

We are one of the earliest and most influential B2B online publications in China that target foodservice distributors. We report extensively on innovative leaders, companies, technologies, and new products that are shaping the industry’s future. 

The success of food supply chain strategies is undoubtedly a combination of art and science that requires extensive knowledge and a vast network. Our internationally recognized team offers hands-on support throughout every stage of the partnership with the client - research, analysis, recommendation, and implementation.

The foodservice industry is one of the few industries that span the agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, and service sectors, and it is virtually impossible to be an expert in all these areas at once. To help institutions achieve their desired growth goals, “who you know” is undeniably more important than “what you know”. We help companies from every segment within the foodservice industry cement trustworthy partnerships via our curated resources and vast worldwide relationships.

Address: 300 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA, USA 94107

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